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We specialize in developing and selling replacement parts for the Vbeam and Perfecta lasers, MiniGentleLase, MiniGentleYag, and various Cynosure products. We can also provide referrals to repair personnel to service your lasers.

We are available almost 24/7 to help you should you have difficulties with the Vbeam, Perfecta, as well as other lasers.

Dye Cartridge

We have developed a great dye cartridge kit and sell it at an excellent price. Generally, you can expect 50,000 to 100,000 pulses depending on the energy generated per pulse as well as the condition of your flash lamp, mirrors, beam splitter, and laser head parts. Kits for the Candela Vbeam and Vbeam Perfecta.

Key Benefits

Full Directions for the Vbeam and telephone support.


Head Parts

Perfecta and Original Vbeam:

High Efficiency Ceramic Cavity Reflectors (Pair): $800.00, Dye Cell: $120.00, Flow Tube: $65.00, Flashlamp: $295.00, Mirrors (2): $400.00, O-Ring Kit: $50.00, Beam Sampler: $325.00, Fiber Focus Lenses (2): $400.00

Cynosure ConBio/Revlite Dye Handpieces (Yellow 585 and Red 650)

Laser Dye Cylinder Replacement (Yellow or Red): $300.00
Laser Dye Handpiece Rebuild: Call for Pricing - Depends on the Status of Your Handpiece Mirrors

Fiber Optics

The Gold Standard on Fiber Optic Replacement

We have developed our own computer-controlled fiber optic cleaving device which eliminates the need to polish the fibers for connectorization. This means that the fiber faces are pristine and not contaminated with polishing abrasive. This polish-free preparation eliminates hot spots and degraded transmission. We also make our own connectors in our high precision CNC milling department.


Original Vbeam or Perfecta Fiber: $600.00
MiniGentleLase or MiniGentleYag Fiber: $800.00

Circuit Board Repair

Circuit Board Repair for the Candela Original Vbeam Dye Laser

We supply all the electronics for the Original Vbeam laser by Candela. This is an exchange program. Please call for pricing and support. We can help you troubleshoot over the phone.

Contact Information

Please give us a call if we can be of any help. We work with the Vbeam by Candela every day and think that it is the finest dye laser on the market. We are constantly looking to improve our replacement parts beyond the OEM versions in order to further enhance the laser's performance and longevity.



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